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  • Alan Williams

    Animals and sculpture made from recycled metal.
  • Eva Wibberley

    Monotypes, Painting: Acrylic
    Original Monotypes, Acrylic Paintings, Watercolours, Oil Paintings
  • Katie Weiner

    Jewellery: Vintage recycled
    Captivating collection of revitalised vintage jewellery redesigned and given a contemporary bohemian edge
  • Katie Weiner

    Jewellery: Vintage recycled

    Captivating collection of revitalised vintage jewellery redesigned and given a contemporary bohemian edge.

  • Jez Webb

    Injected with his unique style and humour, Jez' illustrations conjure up strong narratives that reflect the seaside ife, architecture and characters that thrive in Brighton, where he lives. Jez is always looking for ways to make his illustrations accessible, through giclee prints, affordable art and limited editions. Indian Summer, pictured here, is available as part of his new range specifically created for the May Open House festival.
  • Martin Ward

    Painting: Abstract

    Vital, dynamic and beautifully coloured abstract paintings on small and medium scale.

  • Sandy Walsh

    Jewellery: Silver

    Hand crafted jewellery in silver and copper.

  • Kim Waiyaki

    Chunky craft cufflinks and digital art.
  • Si Uwins



    Wood carving

    ALIEN NATURE. Inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, Si’s work is a continuous evolution and exploration of alien nature creating giant seeds and pods that echo the tiny forms and structures of plant life. Si has worked consistently over the last 10 years exploring the world of plants and trees and translating his extensive knowledge into imaginary and fantastical seed- and pod-like structures. His thorough knowledge and respect of the natural materials he uses have enabled him to produce work that not only complements the beauty of wood but also tests its strength and structure to the extreme. With the Hollocones and Hollopods he works the sculptures extensively, paring down each piece to the least amount of wood imaginable leaving the most delicate lace-like structures. The resulting contrast of strength and lightness, solidity and space is architectural but in a most natural form. These giant, imagined seed pods seem familiar but also strangely other-worldly. Si makes them ‘human-size’ as if to remind us not to forget how much beauty there is around us that shouldn’t be missed; even the tiniest things are worthy of our attention.

  • Jim Urquart

    Painting: Acrylic

    Since art school I have been interested in the line between abstraction and the figurative. I like paint, its colour and texture and I like the way things look. So in my paintings I try to combine these elements, abstract, formal composition with figurative representations of everyday objects, things which in some way strike a chord with me and which I see on a daily or regular basis, shop windows, telephone booths, the metro underpass, television, vapour trails with city skylines, swimmers etc.

  • Emma Troy




    Collage, silkscreen and giclée prints made using recycled magazines and newspapers. Some prints are hand finished in gold and silver leaf.

  • Julia Trigg

    I am an artist living in Brighton UK, with a passion for typographic ephemera. I make limited edition giclée prints from my digital collages, using archival paper and pigment inks. The prints are incredible quality, full of texture and detail. The rich vintage colours and abstract compositions work particularly well in contemporary interiors.
  • Emma Topping


    Last year's launch of the Artist's Open House was quite a commitment, but one I am excited to repeat this year with my sister. In the last year I have launched my website and increased my collection to include the fancy of Brighton Pride and seaside zombies - only in Brighton! My collection will focus on images from New York, Ireland and these festivals. Welcome to Number 8, where the craic will indeed be good.

  • Sam Topping




    I spend my days collecting leaves and organic objects, before returning to my lab and transforming them into screenprints and photograms.

  • Janice Thurston

    Painting: Acrylic



    I am a painter and printmaker working with both oil and acrylic paints, fine art printmaking and use photography to record the constant changes taking place in the landscape. Latest work focuses on the countryside around Ditchling Beacon - an area of ancient histories, wildness and human traces fashioned by agriculture. I am interested in the vastness of big spaces and the transformations that are relentlessly taking place as the seasons evolve. The shifting light and its effect on the shape and form of the contours of the land also hold a fascination.

  • Neale Thibaut


    Neale is currently working on a project capturing familiar landscapes at dusk, dawn or bathed in moonlight. We are conditioned to perceiving photographs as “instants” in time…. This series challenges this familiar interpretation by capturing Long Exposures, revealing light, colour and hidden movement otherwise masked to the human eye by darkness. As each day ends, the earth cools, the wind drops. Silence and darkness prevail often accompanied by a natural stillness…. As morning twilight approaches, and then dawn, each new day begins with the sun rising from under the horizon, softly lighting the underside of the clouds with cool, gentle, colours that we rarely see during the day. This is Neale's first display of this ongoing series, together with other images captured from around Sussex and his travels.

  • Jill Tattersall

    Painting: Mixed media, Mixed media: Recycled
    Current work is based round hand-cast cotton paper, and often incorporates text or historical elements. A born recycler, I also use reclaimed and found materials – anything from driftwood to drinks cans. The detritus of everyday life sits alongside high quality materials. Colour and pattern, both natural and man-made, are driving forces in all my work. I use many combinations of paints, inks, dyes and pure pigment, exploiting their ‘incompatibility’ and building up intense colour in layers.
  • gail tait

    Painting: Water-colour


    Painting: Mixed media

    Land, sea and life: landscape and semi-abstract, mixed-media paintings. I am inspired by the changing light, detail and wildness in landscapes and seascapes. My primary medium is watercolour but I also use inks, gouache, acrylic and graphite.

  • Rachael Swift

    Sculpture: Stone, 3D

    Life-based abstracts in variety of stone for interior & exterior display. Current work from Portland, Zimbabwe, Alabaster, Serpentine & Soapstone. Miniature animals in soapstone.