artists' open houses

Artists statement

Lou Hinman
I will be showing two bodies at work at the Woodstore in the form of drawings and high quality digital prints. Images will include overlooked everyday objects and bizarre genetic creations.

Steve Yeates

Dynamic passionate figurative sculpture made from socially intrinsic recycled materials.

Richard Cook


Richard paints views of places and people he likes, in both oil and watercolour. Enjoyment of medium and subject is paramount.

Tim Dolby

01483 506046
Tim loves the reflective quality of glass, combined with the freeflowing application of paint with the added richness of gold.

Ted Davis

Higly detailed still life photography of organic floral subjects.

Annie Mendelow

Annie enjoys the challenge of the human figure working directly from life. She has exhibited for 40 years in Scotland and England.

Liz Hancock

01428 604129
Liz Hancock's silver jewellery is based on sculptural and organic forms. She uses gold, gemstones and texturing to produce contrasts.

Catherine Beckett

Catherine designs and makes contemporary silver and gold jewellery, creating textures and adding vitreous enamel to create individual fun pieces.

Richard Nott

Masks, clothing, nature - protection, concealment, confrontation and disguise.

Patrick O'Donnell

Mixed media drawing exploring themes of identity, memory and place.

Ian Hodgson

Drawings exploring identity, memory and place with journey, both physical and psychological, an ongoing theme

Lou Johns

0780 3959611
Uncompromising, rugged, slender, organic – Lou’s figures stand tall wherever they are placed and whatever their size – from interiors to gardens, courtyards or on water, they have presence.

Andy Waite

01903 882889
Andy Waite's paintings are an intuitive response to the landscapes of Sussex and Tuscany, layering colour to create abstracted memories.

Giovanni Hayter

01273 731671
Bold and energetic abstract paintings, inspired by, but not representative of, the forces of nature.

Sarah McLean


Handwoven rugs, runners, table carpets and wall hangings.

Sam Reece

01273 721330

re worked vintage treasures, from corsets to jewellery to tell another tale

Michele Chilton
Using oils on canvas, mixed media and mono printing, Michele has produced a beautiful series of animal portraits and studies.

Jez Webb
Vibrant illustrated graphics and giclee prints juxtaposed with his classic range of cameo glasswork.

Serena Sussex

079 5060 2909
Award winning artist Serena Sussex is showing oil paintings inspired by nature & views of Paragliders flying high above the Sussex Downs. Medium: oil painting on canvas.

Helen Martino

01223 313830
My sculptures depict life and the interactions between friends and family. They are intimate in scale, yet quietly powerful.

Ken Eardley

01273 697985
Decorative ceramics in Ken's distinct bold style - these fun and retro inspired pieces are the perfect gift or collectable piece for any home.

Jane Muir

Quirky functional ceramics with a touch of humour, Jane Muir's artwork features a range of figures, flower-head ladies, bird-head men and even the occasional artichoke!

Jehane Boden Spiers

01273 697985
Jehane Boden Spiers' textiles have been quoted 'antiques of the future' by BBC Homes & Antiques. Jehane has recently developed a range of framed limited edition giclee canvas prints inspired by a range of her Brighton-themed embroideries and collages.

Paint and pastel works on paper and canvas.

Jane Dwight
Jane Dwight writes about and teaches the art known as Chinese Brush painting. She decorates many art forms.

Hebe Vernon- Morris

01273 603109
Buildings; inextricably linked to the souls of the people that create and live in them. Handmade Lithographs, Woodcuts and Etchings.

Ann d'Arcy Hughes

I use imagery through printmaking to express what cannot be relayed verbally, depicting the human passage though life and beyond

Helen Brown

Beautiful, handmade, original woodcut prints of the Sussex countryside. Local landscapes brought to life by artist Helen Brown.

A graphic revolution fighting the visual invasion of commercialism. Prolific and unstoppable, synonymous with a future technology gone bad.

Erotic - subversive - cute, MISHFIT'S work is always striking,commanding the eye and imagination in streets and galleries across the globe.

Flood The Valley
On a mission to ink our nation, they are a secretive lot who paste, spray, design and produce great art.

Limited Editions

01273 571373
Limited Editions offers a range of artwork and objects made from recycled and reclaimed materials, from the practical to the decorative.

Tina Davies

Artwork by Tina Davies

01273 386512
My painting subjects are inspired by nature. I paint with mixed media on canvas, ink on paper and clay.

Louisa Crispin

Artwork by Louisa Crispin

Handcrafted silver and enamel jewellery reflects the delicacy and beauty in nature. Fine etchings and drawings complement the range.

Juliet Walters

Artwork by Juliet Walters

07973 821601

I aim to bring the two contrasting techniques of carving and burnishing clay into one coherent theme using the idea of ‘containment’ as my starting point.

Benedict Sheehan

Benedict Sheehan

07932 009866
Interactive exhibits designed to engage and enthrall. Blending Science with art, aesthetic and technology.

Sophie Sheehan

Artwork by Sophie Sheehan

01273 299261
Fused and stained glass art, bowls, tiles, windows and screens, incorporating a range of techniques : sandblasting, acid-etching, impressions, screenprinting, enamels.

Diane Hipkins

Artwork by Diane Hipkins

07973 731035

A charming collection of needle felted woolen animals associated with the South Downs.

Terri Bell-Halliwell

Artwork by Terri Bell-Halliwell

01273 206961
Gilded flora, leaves or petals, set in antique jewel boxes or spectacle cases, items with a history.

Betty Wai Chun Shek

01273 881856
Betty Shek - Vivid Vintage Button jewellery, Felt Arts and Crafts.

Elizabeth Anne Norris

Modern and distinctive handmade enamel and precious metal jewellery using traditional techniques.

Thea Telford

Artwork by Thea Telford


Playful illustration combining a variety of media to create textiles and artwork.Bringing out the whimsical and childhood innocence of my everyday surroundings.

Emma Bromley Hill

07791 285430
Inspired by much of Britain’s rugged coastline, award winning artist Emma Bromley Hill creates atmospheric seascape canvasses.

Rebecca Law

Artwork by Rebecca Law

A background in both fine art and professional floristry inform her practise of combining flowers and natural materials to create beautifully unique floral installations.

Sabrina Blanco

Artwork by Sabrina Blanco

Sabrina was born in Venezuela.Her art studies at the world-renowned art school, Cristobal Rojas,in Venezuela. Sabrina uses bodies to create impressions on canvas.The works are abstract in composition, realistic in form, and surreal in content. Contemporary Artist, Vivid Energetic Colourful Artwork, Modern Paintings,Abstract, Figurative,Sculpture,Wood,MixMedia.

Jamie McCartney

Artwork by Jamie McCartney

Experimenting is at the heart of Jamie's beautiful and unusual work. Showing here are his scanographic portraits and sculptures.

Sussex County Arts Club
Life drawing/painting, costume, portrait, sculpture and still life sessions run every week in our central Brighton studio

Julia Trigg

Artwork by Julia Trigg

07941 095462
Limited edition digital collages made from ham radio cards and other typographic ephemera. These popular prints have been shown at Castor + Pollux and featured in The Times Luxx supplement.

Jessie Ford

Artwork by Jessie Ford

07980 735153
Paintings and collage on wood - using printed textures and line to produce tactile and graphic typographic images.

Anton Pruden

01273 846338
I design hammer-in-hand, respecting and using the materials for inspiration.Practicality and robustness feature for me as much as beauty.

Rebecca Smith

01273 846338
A fine artist who's spent 25 years designing and making in precious metal: platinum rings to church plate.

Susan Jane Dunford

Sculptural jewellery and boxes inspired by the textures and forms of old architecture.

Philip Dunn

01273 726190
Brighton's most famous painter of deckchairs and founder member of AOH also offers many giclee reproductions of his work.

Bella Cager
Womenswear fashion label

Julia Trigg

Artwork by Julia Trigg

07941 095462
Limited edition digital collages made from ham radio cards and other typographic ephemera. These popular prints have been shown at Castor + Pollux and Unlimited Editions galleries as well as last year's Nine by Nine.

Belen Gomez


07811 712714
Hand printed bone china tableware, inspired by keeping an allotment and walks in the Sussex countryside.

sean sims

Artwork by Sean Sims

Teesside born illustrator featured in The Guardian and The Independent.


Yarn and Glue

07951 131454

Chris Snow

Artwork by Chris Snow

01273 501612
Brighton based maps and diagrams.

Karen Rao

Artwork by Karen Rao
Contemporary feltmaker creating richly textured wall art inspired by the sea.

Caroline Dorling

Artwork by Caroline Dorling

01273 473388
Wood is a wonderful medium. I choose pieces for their inherent vibrancy of design and contrast in colour and texture.

Troy Ohlson

Artwork by Troy Ohlson

07910 119594
Beautiful Atmospheric Embellished Etchings of the Downs and Coast. Characterful Animal Paintings which make you smile. Handmade Filigree Jewellery.

Linda Finch

Artwork by Linda Finch

07990 586447
Domestic ware inspired by nature and decorative vessels and tiles exploring pattern in form.

Jen Green

Mirror by Jen Green

01273 857552
Mosaic mirrors to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces, using tile and pottery fragments. Commissions undertaken. Watercolour landscapes and prints.

Tom Pockley

Artwork by Tom Pockley

01233 758542
Tom enjoys making unusual and sculptural turned objects alongside his main role as a production turner and teacher of turning.

Kate Strachan

Artwork by Kate Strachan
Kate's studio is in Phoenix Brighton. She is a designer, maker and teacher. Current work includes vintage-fabric domestic textiles and limited edition silkscreen prints on paper.

Karen Barratt

Artwork by Karen Barrett

078147 06191
This year I have been awe-inspired by the versatility of Photoshop. Shrinking people into dolls' houses......

Terri Bell-Halliwell

01273 206961
Hare Brush. From the "Hares and Hounds" series, with delicate marbled scagliola-like surfaces, set in items with a history.

Ewan Rogers

Art by Ewan Rogers


Beautiful, detailed and unique etchings

Holly Bell

Art by Holly Bell


functional stoneware tableware inspired by colours found within the Sussex landscape and colourful, textural ceramic wallpieces depicting landscapes and architecture.

Philippa Stanton

Art by Philippa Stanton

Beautiful lamps and shades made from vintage maps from around the British Isles.

Stuart Bullen

Art by Stuart Bullen

01273 540288
Stuart works with printmaking, papermaking and life drawing.

Vassiliki Maryeti Cawson

My work takes form from an intuitive premise, and might change or not from the original intention. I studied with Franca Basevi in Florence, after completing a degree in Philosophy . I use Craft Crank, which is fired and sometimes coloured, or S. T. Material. When a piece breaks in the firing, but is worth saving, it is cast in Cement Fondue, and the surface treated with colours.

Doug Coupe

Art by Doug Coupe

Doug Coupe, painter and printmaker, studied at Salford Art School where he attained his National Diploma in Dersign. The Elderly L.S. Lowry was a frequent visitor to the School offering advice and encouragement to young artists. After national service, durig which he studied Lithography at Headington College of art in Oxford. Doug started teaching and settled in Brighton where he exhited his art work. He Studied Print making at Brighton Art College including Screen Printing and Etching.

Mark Findlay

Art by Mark Findlay

Mark's photos are of light and landscape in Brighton and beyond

Howard Johnston

Art by Howard Johnston
My woodcarving hobby started in 2002 with a 3 day course in Devon, under the tutelage of Ian Edwards. I designed and built my own workshop/shed in the garden and enjoy carving with hand tools made in England, sourcing my wood from native species of timber.

Simon Mathews

Art by Simon Matthews

01273 684299
I make hand thrown ceramics at a studio in Brighton where there are several other potters. Some features of the pots are:•high iron content clay•homemade glazes•fired to 1245 celsius•electricity from renewable sourcesfrom Good Energy.

John Moore

Art by John Moore

07989 690079
Inspired by ancient artefacts, forms in nature and the manipulation of materials, my latest work continues to evolve from ideas conceived during my studies with themes of repetition, rhythm and the relationship between individuals and the greater mass.

John Plater

Art by John Plater
Hollowed forms provide the bulk of John’s work. Many of the more decorative pieces are left with the natural edge of the timber and will feature defects, sapwood and bark. Other pieces, which are intended as functional items, will be turned from sound material and may portray more geometric lines.

Trish Roskilly

Art by Trish Roskilly

01273 612940

Trish's work features polished natural stone with subtle colours

Si Uwins

Art by Si Uwins

07779 656551
My sculptures are organic forms inspired by tiny fruits and seeds of wild flowers, enlarged to giant size to celebrate the beauty of these minute wonders of nature.

Roger Hill

Art by Roger Hill

01580 881619

Roger's work includes scenes of Sussex, as well as still life and animals

Rosina Beech

Art by Rosina Beech

01273 252298
Innovative modern jewellery combining sterling silver with unusual materials such as Butyrate plastic, anodised aluminium and dyed nylon harp strings.

jane denman

Art by Jane Denman

01903 856999
Paintings, drawings, prints and a range of cards. Expect to see the wiggly line capturing dancers, and abstracted floral compositions with a big dollop of colour!

frances doherty

Art by Frances Doherty

01273 540446
Colourful ceramic sculpture designed for indoors and out. Inspired by the beautiful forms of seedpods, plants and flowers

Frances Knight

Artwork by Frances Knight

Oil paintings mainly landscapes, exploring elements of structure, shape , colour and light, often painted on location direct from nature

Gil Stark

Art by Gil Stark
Bold and colourful contemporary jewellery for men and women.

Rie Tsuruta

Art by Rie Tsuruta
Rie Tsurutu Ceramics

Sheree Charalampous

Fabric collage using vintage images and fabric

Emily Gardiner

Art by Emily Gardiner

+44 (0)7773 057922
Emily is a ceramic artist producing richly textured, sculptural forms; currently studying her MA at the Royal College of Art.

Eileen Holmes

Art by Eileen Holmes

01273 275105

Abstract acrylic paintings on canvas

Katie Weiner

Art by Katie Weiner

07831 224425
Enchanting jewellery collection of melded vintage treasures with a contemporary bohemian edge. Can also transform much loved but unused treasures.

Tracy Nors

01273 530817
I photograph vintage toys and dolls, in scenarios reminiscent of childhood and fairy tales.

Jane Jordan

Art by Jane Jordan

01273 565373
Specialising in rescued wooden furniture, designed & regenerated with a contemporary & colourful twist

Sarah Paget

Art by Sarah Paget

Paintings of colour, texture, layered surfaces and mark-making, that delight in the uncertainty of the creative process.

Barbara Collins

Art by Barbara Collins

07963 691369
Barbara is inspired by the natural world producing beautiful,affordable pieces for home and garden.She teaches from her studio.

Claire Fearon

Art by Claire Fearon

Claire Fearon is renowned for creating bold, colourful abstract paintings in acylic and spray paint that always include circles.

Abby Martin

Art by Abby Martin
Indulging in escapism through 3D work

Teresa Martin

Art by Teresa Martin
Abstract and figurative sculpture exploring textures and organic forms cast in metal resins suitable for indoor or garden exhibition.

Valerie N'Doye

Art by Valerie N'Doye

"For the Love of Chocolates"The symbolic skull not with diamonds but with smarties to explore the bitter and sweet...