artists' open houses

May 2012 Trails

The AOH festival is organised into trails, along with some independent venues. Check out a trail to follow here.

Central Trail

Central Trail 2012

Download Trail Venues and Map
To download a pdf file of the Central Trail venues and map click here


Where better to start your artist Open House SEVEN DIALS experience than the Central Trail.  A hustling, bustling set of venues from within the heart of the city down to s10 Brighton's famous sea front and pier.

c1 Evolution Arts

c2 Eighty Six

c3 Number 8

c4 Goro Shimano

c5 One in the House

c6 Texture and Tapestry

c7 MIY Workshop

c8 Unlimited Editions

c9 Sable Art

c10 Jubilee Library

c11 Tichborne Studios

c12 Toby Toby Gallery presents Art for Kids (and childish adults!)

c13 Sussex County Arts Club


c15 Simon Royer Studio